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Why Snowmowr?


Custome Elearning

Turn downtime into money. The jobs you accept are up to you. Accept up to 5 jobs at a time to help fill that time between your current jobs or once you're finished.


Responsive Elearning

Focus on your core business and let us help you earn more. It's up to you when and how many jobs you accept. The more you do, the more you'll make!


Responsive Elearning

We bring you more business and we spend the advertising dollars. Let us do the work to keep clients requesting jobs and you keep fulfilling. You focus on what you do best and let us do the rest.


LMS Consulting

We guarantee same week payments directly to your bank account

Frequently Asked Questions

What requirements are there for signing up as a SnowMowr Pro?
We require all of our providers to have the following in order to join our team:
1. An iPhone or Android phone
2. General Liability insurance.
3. Professional grade equipment

How do I begin accepting jobs?
Once you download the application from the Itunes app store or Google play store and create an account to login into the application, you will be prompted to select a radius in KM that will ensure only jobs within that specific radius will appear for you to select. You are able to select up to 5 jobs per piece of equipment that you have signed up.( Example: 1 truck= 5 jobs). Once you have selected 5 jobs at once, you are required to complete the jobs before you can select additional jobs in the area.
How long do I have to complete a job?
Once a job is picked up, a contractor has 8 hours to complete the job.
*Note that your claimed jobs must be completed on date requested. If there’s an issue of inclement weather, jobs may be completed outside the expected and standard time frame.
How do I learn about jobs in my area?
Jobs in your area will begin appearing in your app as they are requested by customers. When a customer places an order in your area, you will receive a notification through the app on your phone.
*Note that the jobs you see are based on that you specify during sign up.
Why am I not seeing any available jobs?
1. All of the jobs in your area have been claimed.
2. Your radius is too small.
3. Your phone needs to be reset.
Please contact customer service for further remedy.
How do I get paid?
We offer convenient methods of payment: direct deposit or cheque. Direct deposit payments are made within 48 hours. Cheque payments will be made weekly.
Where do I download the provider app
iTunes App Store or Google Play
What do I do if a customer’s lawn or driveway doesn’t match the description?
If you feel that it has been misrepresented, please take a picture of the lawn or driveway and contact us. We’ll contact the customer on your behalf, and adjust the price if needed.

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